26 May 2020

RADAR-AD researchers: Interview series “Behind-the-scenes”, part 2

In order to showcase the variety of work we do in RADAR-AD, we decided to dedicate the following news items to several RADAR-AD researchers. We talked to them...
19 May 2020

RADAR-AD researchers: Interview series “Behind-the-scenes”

To show the variety of work we do in RADAR-AD, the following news items are dedicated to several RADAR-AD researchers. They share the work they do for the...
10 April 2020

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on RADAR-AD

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic will inevitably impact the RADAR-AD project. Our project management team is monitoring the situation closely and is in contact...
07 April 2020

Towards digital biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease

By Julia Kurps (The Hyve)
18 March 2020

Consultation meeting at EMA: Joint effort of the RADAR-CNS and RADAR-AD consortium members

On the 4 th of February 2020, RADAR-CNS and RADAR-AD project members visited the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for a...
11 March 2020

RADAR-AD members organise “War game” to test devices and apps used in the research

Members of the RADAR-AD consortium, including Chris Hinds (University of Oxford), Andy McCarthy (Lilly), Andrew Owens (King’s College London) and Amos Folarin...
04 March 2020

First clinical site visit on the 11th and 12th of February in Thessaloniki, Greece

On the 11 th and 12 th of February, Marijn Muurling and Casper de Boer from Amsterdam UMC conducted the first site initiation visit in Thessaloniki, Greece...
24 February 2020

RADAR-AD members hold ethics interviews with patients and carers from the PAB

“It is crucial for us to analyse at an early stage what emerging ethical and social concerns raise from RADAR-AD research and address them throughout the...
14 February 2020

RADAR-AD’s UK sites – KCL and University of Oxford, with successful applications to the NIHR portfolio

07 November 2019

New analysis of larger dataset showed that aducanumab has the potential to reduce clinical decline in people diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s disease

Aducanumab is an investigational human monoclonal antibody which has been studied for the treatment of early Alzheimer’s disease. Since October 2017 Biogen and...
30 October 2019

RADAR-AD’s project leader Dag Aarsland talks at the 29th Alzheimer Europe Conference in The Hague “Making valuable connections”

The 29 th Alzheimer Europe Conference (#29AEC) “Making valuable connections” took place on 23th-25 th of October 2019 in The Hague. 954 participants from 46...
14 October 2019

RADAR-AD represented at European Commission’s Research and Innovation Days in Brussels

Our researchers presented the work of RADAR-AD at the exhibition “Science is Wonderful!” on the 25 th and 26 th of September which aimed at bringing science...