RADAR-AD members organise “War game” to test devices and apps used in the research

Members of the RADAR-AD consortium, including Chris Hinds (University of Oxford), Andy McCarthy (Lilly), Andrew Owens (King’s College London) and Amos Folarin (King’s College London) organised a “War game” which took place on 12th December 2019  at Oxford University’s (UK), Big Data Institute.

The “War game” tested the integration of the remote devices and apps to be used in the RADAR-AD study. Among others, the devices and apps tested were Mezurio, Fitbit and Axivity. The device and app data were all successfully collected and integrated into the RADAR-base platform. 

All in all, the exercise was considered a success and bodes well for the feasibility and success of the research done in the RADAR-AD study.