Our Work

How does the PAB work?

The PAB has been actively involved in several RADAR-AD activities from the beginning of the project. The members of the PAB provide input about relevant issues for the project. This input is collected in different ways. Members of the PAB receive feedback about the impact of their input.  

Work of the PAB to date

All PAB members have participated in face-to-face consultations with researchers addressing the following topics/issues:

  1. Understandings and prioritisation of functioning in early Alzheimer’s dementia.
  2. Helping the RADAR-AD Device Selection Team to understand relevant benefits and barriers of existing devices and preferences that should be taken into consideration when selecting the devices.
  3. Feedback to the protocol of the RADAR-AD planned clinical trial
  4. Ethical issues to be considered in the context of RADAR-AD

Members of the core group have provided:

  1. Feedback about the questions to be asked in the RADAR-AD focus groups.
  2. Feedback on the participant information sheet and consent form for the clinical trial.
  3. Feedback on the study partner information sheet and consent form for the clinical trial.
  4. Input to the researchers about issues that could help them make decisions regarding device selection.
  5. Input about vulnerability and stigma in the context of RADAR-AD research.